Medcase allows you to use clinical cases developed ad hoc,
in which physician and patient are animated characters
and whose interaction takes place in a highly-realistic
and captivating 3D environment

Created with the contribution of
POR FESR 2014-2020 Regione Toscana
funding competition for SMEs
for the acquisition of innovation services

MEDCASE allows you to carry out interactive dialogues between physician and patient in remarkably captivating and realistic 3D environments

3D environment

The 3D environment provides a reproduction of a situation incredibly close
to reality thanks to the details and non-verbal language of the characters,
using highly natural expressions and movements

The system is flexible and offers the possibility to choose between different dialogue options

MEDCASE allows you to:

Choose and personalize characters (physician and patient/caregiver) -
Prepare clinical cases with different outcomes based on choices made -
Enable different metrics for evaluating choices made -
Identify objectives to reach during the simulation -

MEDCASE can be used on multiple devices


The ideal solution for carrying out
in-person events, encouraging
discussion among participants


Use the system to its full
flexibility or in small
in-person groups

Computer - Web based

Allows you to carry out clinical cases
on your own PC, you just need
an internet connection

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