NUMEEVENT+ offers information on the location and participants (speakers and prospective guests) of conferences and events, as well as the possibility to pose questions directly to speakers during the conference.

This function simplifies the communication between guests and speakers, optimizing the time dedicated to debate and dialogue

An innovative app that provides information regarding meetings and seminars to guarantee full participation of attendees

An innovative app to guarantee full participation of attendees

Among the various functionalities, NUMEEVENT+ enables you to launch polls and televoting sessions that aim to galvanize guest participation.

Users that take part in the conference can:

- Respond to queries posed by the scientific committee regarding a simulation of a clinical
- Provide responses to survey questions based on their personal experience
- Pose questions directly addressed at every single member of the committee
- Formulate questions in a fast and anonymous manner

NUMEEVENT+ just requires an internet connection to connect the control panel and devices that host the app

To download the app

1) Open Google Play (Android) or Apple Store (iOS)

2) Search for the “NUMEEVENT+” app

(Alternatively, if your device permits,
you can scan one of the QR Codes on this page,
depending on which operating system your device uses)

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