Multi-channel information campaigns, multimedia marketing and advertising campaigns

Nume Plus offers services for advertising and communication in the medical sector, from the creation of web portals to the design of social media campaigns, from the provision of multimedia and interactive stands to the development of virtual and augmented reality equipment.
The ability to develop an integrated product, coordinating different services in a flexible and scalable way, enables the creation of effective and engaging communication campaigns.

Web portals
Exhibition stands
Virtual Reality
360-degree immersive environments

Un’App innovativa che fornisce informazioni relative a meeting e convegni per garantire il pieno coinvolgimento dei presenti

Communication in Nume Plus

Web Portals

Web portals for distribution of digital content targeted at healthcare professionals and/or patients. Custom built according to the needs of the project, both in terms of graphics and functionality, thanks to the modular structure they can include more or less complex functions, from the information portal to the practice-focused community and discussion forum.

Exhibition stands

Multimedia and interactive stands for promoting products and activities inside conferences and conventions. Nume Plus carries out the general design of the stand, providing information and interactive systems like touchscreen tables, virtual reality workstations and video presentations.

Virtual Reality

Using virtual reality is it possible to create realistic and immersive environments, where the user can interact with their surroundings and with other users. They can be deployed for training, reproducing medical scenarios otherwise impossible to create, or with an informative purpose, for example visualizing biological processes that develop in certain parts of the body.

360-degree immersive environments

Using 360-degree immersive environments, users can participate in virtual tours that can reproduce real or virtual environments, exploring different scenarios and interacting with the featured components. All this using a PC, a smartphone or a tablet! This tool can be used for promotional purposes or to undertake teaching activities, accurately recording all interactions carried out by the user.


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