CLINICA software allows you to conduct interactive clinical cases, guaranteeing student participation and facilitating clinical reasoning.

With Clinica, participants can put their competencies to the test, fully interacting with a virtual patient.

Using the interactive system, the user can perform entire clinical-diagnostic processes, from medical history to treatment and follow up.

The participants’ performances are recorded and statistically processed in real time

Statistical reports

The software monitors the performances of participants,
recording the actions and choices made by individual users.

Based on data collected, the system is able to create
analytical statistical reports in real time that can be used
by the instructor to evaluate the training performance
as a whole and obtain vital information
for managing the classroom.

The system is flexible and can respond to different teaching models

The instructor can use the existing models of interaction, or they can create them from scratch based on instructions and the stated teaching requirements. When necessary, it is possible to use conditional logic, establishing a narrative path based on the choices made by users.

Metrics, clinical choices and criteria

Different metrics that measure user choices based on specific criteria can be inserted into the interactive clinical case.

For example, it is possible to evaluate features such as:

Appropriateness of the clinical choices -
Adherence to specific guidelines -
Economic resources deployed -

All these criteria can be compiled simultaneously during the teaching process, to then be presented in a statistical format.

CLINICA can be used on multiple devices


The ideal solution for carrying out
in-person events, encouraging
discussion among participants


Use the system to its full
flexibility or in small
in-person groups

Computer - Web based

Allows you to carry out clinical cases
on your own PC, you just need
an internet connection

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