CODIMG is a software that allows you to assess the performance of professionals in the course of their work through video analysis, using objective and observable criteria.

With medical simulation, CODIMG helps improve debriefing, encouraging discussion between participants and making the whole teaching process more meaningful and effective.

Improve performance assessment using film and video analysis
Indicate key moments during training sessions
Shoot from different angles
Analyze and easily modify the simulation video
Share the conclusions with your team in a quick and easy fashion

Short-term advantages
CODIGM offers:
- Customizable observations based on criteria defined by the user
- Real-time analysis as the simulation is being conducted
- Fast and efficient debriefing
- Fully objective feedback for all participants
- Self-assessment of performance using analysis of the videos produced

Long-term advantages

CODIMG provides:
In-depth knowledge thanks to the video analysis process -
Statistical data based on simulations conducted -
Development of skills for teamwork and communication -
Database for future participants -
Personalized evaluation of training progress -

- Simple and fast setup with minimal economic investment
- Flexible solution that can be used in various simulation center settings
- Product license valid for life
- Data collected will be permanently at your disposal
- Dedicated support service
- Interaction with other video analysis software such as Vosaic Studiocode

Tools for basic analysis
Strategic functionality that is cost effective
Professional analysis tools in real time
Software solely for the viewing of analyses carried out with other CODIMG solutions
App for commenting on videos in real time

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