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5 April 2018

In the scope of Band A – SME support for acquisition of services for innovation enacted by the Regione Toscana, NUME PLUS Srl has won backing for the project: MEDCASE – software for the development of clinical cases with 3D animation.

The regional support covers an allocated contribution of €15,895 for an eligible investment of €35,400 corresponding to activities that must be concluded by January 2019.

The aim of the project is to develop proprietary software (MEDCASE – MEDical CASE) that enables the creation of clinical cases with 3D animation focused on the teaching-training aspects of medical-patient communication.

The foundation and growth of NUME PLUS Srl is guided by the experience of work on clinical cases as a teaching and training tool. The MEDCASE project represents the logical development of this experience.

In respect of the clinical cases already produced, the MEDCASE software will make it possible to:

  • Enhance the features of interaction with the user through 3D animation
  • Involve the medical-patient communication aspect as well as the technical and scientific features that are usually considered in clinical cases

The project, created in collaboration with BECARE Srl, is organized in three phases:

- Creation of the Engine

Aim: Create the Engine system that enables you to read all data that will be written to the authoring system and will be processed by Unity to create the animation.

 - Creation of the Authoring system

Aim: Create the Authoring system for inserting all clinical case data that will be processed by Engine for the creation of the final animation, with particular attention to the creation of the graphical interface (GUI) that allows the user inserting data an intuitive and high-performance user experience (UE).

- Creation of a clinical case for conducting demos and tests

Aim: Insert all data (nodes, questions, gestures, phonemes, etc.) of a clinical case inside the authoring system, creating all 3D models (characters, scenes) necessary for building the clinical case.

For further information:

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